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Downton Abby Dresses

If I could buy the dresses I see on Downton Abby on PBS I would wear them.
What if fashions could twist and turn right back to were they were from 1892 until 1920?
Well if they could I would happily fill my closets with as many as I could find to fit me.
Would you follow such a fashion trend as happily as me?
LadyGypsy LadyGypsy 41-45, F 5 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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I'd like to try and wear those high and tight Edwardian collars with my suits and ties.

I know this is an old one, but to answer your question: maybe for a special occasion. Otherwise I prefer to not deal with corsets, you know?

On topic answers are always welcome on each story!
I am a fan of corsets!!!

Now if my hubby were to wear something from that time peiod, I woud reconsider.

Men should dress like men, they have less than no business in women's clothes from any era. What a sad way to disrespect the tradition and fashions both!!!


And likewise women should dress like women.

I totally agree!
I wear dresses and skirts everyday!!!

Me too, but that's a long story.

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Check out this website:; they have only vintage-inspired dresses from all decades and older, and have a Downton Abbey-inspired collection. Most dresses are $100-180.

Been to that site already close but not as classy as Downton Abby.
Thanks so much for the positive on topic reply! :-D

I love this idea!

I would love to wear that :)