Slacks And Pants Are Unhealthy

I wear either dresses or skirts as much as possible. I have been dressing female for the past two years. I was born intersexed, raised as a boy, but was always a girl. What I like to do during the summer is not wear slacks or pants. Slacks and pants do not keep you cool, shorts do not allow air flow around your mid section. Skirts and dresses during the summer are actually cooler for you. In the winter as much as people think warm slacks are the hot item, in actuallity a long skirt or dress will keep you warmer as long as it is nota summer dress or skirt. I hate the frumpy look. I dress to be comfortable and to look like I am proud of who I am.

Micayla Micayla
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I agree that skirts and dresses are more comfortable in the summer and I frequently wear them, and I am not gay, trans, bi, or anything else. Dresses are trickier to find that fit right. And I have recently discovered that in winter a long skirt with pantyhose is just as warm as any pants, probably because the hose protects the legs from the wind. All stuff you girls have probably known for some time, but most of us guys don't.

I agree with your almost all of your story. I don't know if there is any scientific data that would support that pants/slacks are unhealthy. I do have several pair of leather pants at zip up in the back versus the front. I think these are more feminine. I can’t understand with most women would buy pants that zip up the front. I have one pair of blue jeans that zip up the front and I don’t wear them much. At work I always wear skirts or dresses and sometimes my leather pants while others were the generic slacks which I don’t think look very professional.

of course in summer skirts and dresses are much confortable, but in a cold winter. That is another question. Habit dosnt make th monk.Feminty dont depends of dresses, but help a lot.

Good for you Wear what you like and enjoy

I present as female 24/7. I like the style and fit of certain outfits, but my goal is to blend in to society. My clothes are not a turn on for me. Now don't get me wrong I do have outfits that make me feel more feminine than others. Its a feeling of feeling good in how I am presenting myself.

Micayla, I don't give a Damn what you are, but I totally <br />
<br />
agree with your dressing!......Don't you feelSoooooo Good?

Petstorepete: Get on your computer and do research. You big head may actually become smarter than your little head.

No I am not gay.<br />
Gay men by the way don't dress as females except for drag shows. You have a lot to learn.<br />
I was born intersexed (look that up on your computer).

I don't get it: "living as a female." Are you a gay man?

Emmi;<br />
Clothes do not make the man nor woman. Most cross dressers I know dress like hookers. They emulate a female; however it is their own idea of what a female si to them.<br />
When I do wear slacks I am just as feminine as if I was in a dress.

All crossdressers love to wear dresses!<br />
<br />
They are the ultimate sign of femininity!<br />
<br />

i don't mind wearing shorts - providing they are 'loose' - for hiking or situations requiring a little modesty preservation but generally i much prefer dresses and skirts. That said i prefer to wear a Hockey Skirt rather than shorts for games.

Dresses are comfortable and feminine. Pants and slacks and jeans unless they are cut just right have no femininity about them. Plus, for me, they are confining as I really do enjoy the breeze around my legs.