I Only Wear Ladies Underware

i only wear panties and have been since i was about 13 or 14 i'm 45 now and married I had to hide them when i was growing up and always kept my shirt tucked in so knowone would know. I was 18 when my panty wearing habit went public so to speek I was out with a friend shopping at a new mall that just opened and i saw a ladies underware shop there that had a large sign saying buy 1 get 2 free on all panties in stock, so i strolled over near the window and was looking in when my friend said " you'll get a better look if you go in" "by the way I know about your secret and have for a long time", I was stunned by his comment and didn't know what to say other then stare at him. He put his hand on my shoulder and sort of turned me towards the the doorway I took two steps and stopped dead in my tracks turned on him said how? When did you know about me? His reply knocked me off my feet and I really did walk over to a bench and sat down. His reply to my questions was "when we were like 15 and you had to change before going swimming at my house, I was watching through the air vent between my room and hallway there is no vents in it so you can see right in my room if you get down on the floor." "I was checking your butt out and was shocked when your jeans came off and you had on a pink pair of panties with the lite blue trim and the bow just off center on the right side, pretty cute if you ask me." By the time he said that my head was spinning thats why i had to sit down. I asked him how he knew about the bow if my back was to him and he said i went to my room when i said i had to pee and checked them out for myself, I stuffed them back in your front pocket when I was done looking, I also watched you dry off and change I wanted to say something to you then but was to afraid to. I didn't know what gay was back then i just knew you had a cute butt that i liked to watch and a nice bulge in front. After i sat there for a few minutes he said he would like me to go in and buy something nice for myself, i told him I would but he couldn't see them till we went back to his house and i put them on for him and maybe if he was nice i would let him take them off of me and check me out a little closer, I told him i know a neat trick to do with my mouth that he might enjoy. That night couldn't go slow enough for us. We spent almost the next five years with each other never once letting anyone know about his secret mine was out after that but i didn't care. Tthe girl in the store started telling all her friends about my shopping spree at her store, how I bought three pair of low raise briefs and when she tried to charge me for the other ones(six pairs) i yelled at her and told her the sign says buy 1 pair get 2 pairs free, well she had to get manager to void the sale and the manager asked if i thought my girl friend was going to like 9 pairs of panties or if she would think that i was trying to give her a clue and suggested i stuck with just the three. I told I her I don't have a girl friend that they where for me and I wasn't going to let a sale like this slip by me, i was pretty red in the face by then but I felt truely in control and free for the first time ever. i met my wife a few years later and we have been married for almost twenty years now, i own around forty five pairs of panties that I replace when ever one gets to old or worn out and four pairs of mens briefs that I couldn't tell you the last time I worn, I also have a few bras that my wife said I should buy and wear whenever I feel the need to be a little more femmish as she puts it. Fifteen or so years ago my wife said I should wear a maxi pad and get on a regular schedule like she is (refering to her period) it was strange at first but now I do it out of habit without even thinking about I just know when to wear them. I do change them through out day even when i'm at work or if we are out shopping or running around. I now use depend pads and have learned how to pee into to get the real feeling of having a period and have to change them before they leak through (have had it happen more then once) so I can honestly say yes I do know what it feels like to have a pad jammed between my legs for six straight days by the way during this time I do get crankie and touchie even a few days before "i'm to begin." I also wear a panty liner 24/7 when i'm not "having my period" I don't like my panty's getting stains on them. Thats all for now maybe I'll write more later but I need to go change my "FRIEND" is here this week.
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Wonderful story. Same friend from your teen years? Obviously you have a great wife too!