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I Picked Out Four Pairs Of Panties To Wear At The Beach...

Blacks beach in san Diego is a nude beach. Usually at least 75% are men. A good portion of them are gay. They mostly hang by the cliffs laying out and doing what they do. Along the shore joggers and strollers go by all day. Girls, women, couples, naked, bathing suits, jogging outfits...I lay out in my panties and if people want to look, they can. Sometimes they stare. Sometimes guys try to hook up. But I just like to hang out and go swimming and lay in the sun...When I swim I wear speedo-like panties. When laying out I wear sheer satin panties, but not frilly. When I take walks I have on cotton lady-jockys. I do admit I love it when women get a good look at my big bulge through my danties...Somtimes my panties get real wet and sticky, if you know what I mean...
boyfriendfanny boyfriendfanny 41-45, M 1 Response May 15, 2012

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Do the same thing when I am swimming in my pool in San Diego, using a tight panty like a speedo. In fact the tight speedo I used to wear on my college swim team was skimpier than the panties. I like the fact that the white ones are translucent when wet and make for a great view. I also wear panties to the hot tub when I am on vacation, of course the hot tub has to be on our deck. I have not gone in public but would if my wife is ok with it, otherwise no. I do wear them at time under my boy bathing suit, which then has much better support with a panty girdle. I suspect wearing panties under a wetsuit in the cold San Diego ocean would provide an easier time also. I have been to Blacks, they give tickets for nude bathers these days, the old nude days are over, too bad.<br />
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Happy sun bathing, keep those panties on though!