Love Wearing Cute Panties

Well I am a 25 yr old guy and having been wearing panties secretly for around 10 years now. For the most part I do wear boxers but then as soon as I put a pair of panties on I just feel so sexy and actually feel like acting like a woman. In a way I am kinda ashamed for liking them because I am usually not the type of guy who would wear them but then again I cant seem to stop thinking about them. I have even tried getting rid of all my panties and always end up with more. I would just love finding a woman who is actually interested in it for once so I can just talk about it and actually feel good about it for once.
Christina056 Christina056
22-25, M
6 Responses Oct 8, 2012

Silky panties are so comfortable to wear.

Try shaving you package. That in combination with panties is incredible. You feel sexy all the time!

I know what you mean when you say wearing sexy panties makes you feel so sexy and want to act like a woman.When I wear cute lil ***-****-me panties I feel so sexy and slutty that I ache to be used by a hung guy

i understand you and now how you feel i feel the same way i wear panties 24/7 and my wife puts up with it

ya, ladies underwear is very nice . I like to wear silky underwear of girls...............good feeling...........

There is nothing to be ashamed of in wanting to wear panties.....or any other "female" clothing; after all, women wear whatever they want to, so why shouldn't men be afforded the same freedom/right?
There is a very good & supportive forum called "He Wears Panties" you might be interested in. It is a lively and well-supported site that may help you to begin feeling good about yourself and your desire to wear panties.