How I Got Started

Ok Ive been heistant bout doing thins but after much research i found there is a lot of people out there like me. Thought i was alone for a long time ;) It all started when i was really young like 10 i think. Me and my brother would wait for my parents to leave and he would make me put on my moms panties and bras. I actually loved doing it it felt really good. This progressed into him making me suck his ****. When our cousins would all hang out together we would end up playing games to where we were all naked by the end. i saw my first ***** when i was 12 it was my lil cousin. I think alot of people do this but most grow out of it i never did. I was always fasinated with womens clothes and curious about my sexuality. Then through college it kinda stoped. I had girlfriends and such but nothing like after college. I would try to steal my SIL stuff all the time. Now i have a big collection of bras and panties i love the way i feel when im wearing them. Anyone else like me?
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lots more men wear panties and female clothing than you might imagine.

Good for you dear and you are right underdressing, wearing sexy lingerie, is great. But you should add some women's clothes to it too ... like jeans and a woman's shirt. They often can't easily be told from men's, except women's jeans are cut fuller through the hips, tighter through the crotch, with a shorter zipper, and women's shirts button right over left. Someone would have to be pretty detail oriented to tell, but you know and of those you tell. ;-)

Lots of people are like you. xoxo

Thanks i really like the support on here!