All I Have

Ladies underwear, PANTIES, are all I have anylonger. My wife and I tossed out all other underwear in the house. That makes it easier as we wear the same size and style panties so buying is easier. I do wear more revealing I think sexier panties though. I started wearing as most did trying on my sisters when I was 12 . I was hooked The feel of the silky material was out of this world, and I never looked back.
In HS I wore panties on weekends and non school days. I was careless at times and showed my panties off and got some weird looks and laughs, but I didn't really notice. I got married and yes my wife knows and supports me for over 25 years. I am straight and yes I love panties, and ladies pants also.
lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
Jan 6, 2013