I Wear Women's Panties

i like to wear all types of womens panties i'm a size 14-16 so if u have any for me then please contact me. i like all types my favourite is lace knickers butlike silk ones too? i'm not that fussy as they are all nice too me?
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

WHY do guys have such a problem with their and other's clothes? Women CAN'T be transvestites, they've been wearing EVERYTHING of men's for a decades and WE guys have to have our shirts button to the right! BAH!

I forgot I would love to wear those bikini knickers in your Avatar

Why do you have your mail blocked and your whiteboard and not allow anyone to invite you to their circle?
There lots of people out there who you probably have a likely connection.

i not blocked or stopped any one from adding me sorry if this has been the case will try to sort it

I haven't looked for a while but men's bikini underpants are about the sameas womens but for being a bit tougher--no frills guaranteed

NOW--how many wear bras? a brief tour of lists will tell you that many DO and have or want to grow breasts!