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I Like Wearing Womens Leotards

i'm a 13 year old boy almost 14 and i enjoy wearing womens dance and regular leotards. I like how comfterable they are on me. I havent found any girl who likes boys wearing this stuff and hope to find one on here and talk to them on here and facebook or email. I right now am wearing a thong blue footless tights, and a blue onepiece swimsuit. I own leotards but i need more and its hard to get some being 13 and trying to avoid ure parents from finding out.
PokerHero1 PokerHero1 13-15, M 14 Responses Feb 4, 2012

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Leotards, tights, leg warmers and high heels. Mmmmm

I can't get my hands on any leotards. Wish I could tho...

I like boys wearing them.

ask to take ballet lessons or gymastics so will be able to wear leotards and tights as part of your regulation uniform

nice to kno u love leotards

I have a leotard group with over 700 pics on face book everyone is welcome to join it here's the link

How do you get leos with out your parents finding out?!

i hate not being to be me in little rock i wont wear tthem side and wall mart i need to a pretty woman that in to crossdressing so we can go shopping and hang out and where it goes bratop boy

hi i love leotards and wear one peice swimsuits aswell goes well with my tights :)

I am too!!! :)

I lived to wear shiny lycra leotards, shimmery dance tights, leg warmer and high heels. Loved dressing and taking pics. Stepbrother for me into all this.

I love wearing leotards and I wear them a lot during the day or night and many times I wear them Lady Ga Ga style with tights and boots to clubs or out shopping. Other times like at work I wear skinny jeans or a mini skirt with them. My current favorite is a black Capezio tank style and long sleeve scoop neck style. I also have some sporty one piece swimsuits I like to wear, mostly to the beach or a pool.<br />
<br />
I have some photos of my outfits here. I know there are girls out there who like boys in leotards, especially if you have a whole feminine style together which I've been doing for years and It works for me at the clubs.<br />
<br />
You should add me.

Cool I have pics of Girls in Leotards on my profile if you want to check them out take care


How did you get into wearing leotards and swimsuits? what are your Favorite leotards to wear? you could always ask your parents if you could dress up as a female Gymnast for Halloween etc.

ok i like one piece girls swimsuites. i like to wear well tank leotards most but i like all leotards equal. how i got in i found one in my closet after my family moved and it was too big so 4 years later same one fits

If your embarrassed to buy it at the store just pretend it's for your sister or girlfriend