I'am a 30 year old guy who loves to wear leotards and tights daily. I wear them to work/play and wherever! Bee wearing them for as long as I was able to buy things on my own.
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I've have been wearing them for many years, as underwear during the winter month, I love how warm and snug leotard with tights feel. Some nights, I've slept in them, better than pajamas. One of the best times I like being leotard and tights, is when i go to the doctor's for my yearly physical, during the winter months. When I have to get undressed, The nurses help me,stripping off my leotard and tights, one layer at a time, slowly and gently. I love the feeling of the soft, snug leotards and tights, coming off. I am in pretty good shape at 48. I do feel a sense of surrender,once they are off me, yet not feeling so much anxiety and nervousness during my physical. The nurses and doctor, a female, like me wearing leotard and tights and stripping them off me.

I love to wear leotards too
I prefer the "female" longsleeved leotards cause the are more beautyful and they fits me better but the male-ones.
I am wearing them "all day" and for sports.