Crossdressing In Girls Leotards

ever sincs i was 3 i have always wanted to wear girls clothing e.g. swimwear,leotards.then one day at my cousins house i was home alone because they all went shopping, i decided to try on one of mu 5 year old girl cousin's swim suits and leotards the feeling was fantastic and being a 13 old boy it felt so good. ii tried on at least 16 different leotards and swimmers ,the whole time looking at my self in the wall mirror. then i decide to try on her cloths as well. they barley fit but that what made them fell good,same for the leotards and the swimmers! but know at my house i have no sisters but because i am a gymnast i have boys leotards, the ones i wear are from about 3 years ago so their really tight. i mostly wear them when Aime in bed under my pajamas so my parents don't find out.

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Since i can't wear girls leotards, and bathing suit because it is small for me i can wear ladies since i can fit into them, comfortably i already wore a bathing suit in a public swimming pool already.

I to love wearing leotards & tights. I got started when I was in Grammar school when I was 11 yrs old. I saw a classmate changing into one backstage during a class play. That got me hooked. I have never changed nor will I.Love the feeling it has on my body along w/tights.

You are very lucky. I had a similar experience as a young male. My parents were separated at a young age, and I would visit my dad every couple of weeks. Eventually he got remarried, and his new wife liked to sew a lot, so she would take donations of clothing to use for scrap material in her projects. Well, the room they had set up for me to sleep in when I was visiting was the sewing room, so the closet was packed floor to ceiling with clothing. I would search through the pile when I was sure everyone else was asleep so they wouldn't catch me, and I would find things like nightgowns and panties (a LOT of panties), and I would try them on. Then one time I found the holy grail: a bodysuit! I was in heaven. I wore it every chance I would get, but I never let it leave the room for fear of being caught. Then one day I couldn't find it anymore, it was gone. Years later I found it again in the spare room (my step mother was using both rooms for sewing by this point) and I thought "Forget this, I'm taking it!". I took it with me and sadly I had grown up and it no longer fit me. Well, returning it by this point would be suspicious so I had to throw it out.

It's many years later now, and I still think fondly back to that bodysuit. I'm a large guy, so finding leotards that fit me well is not easy, and that bodysuit was such a perfect fit at the age when I found it, and I have been searching ever since for something that fit so well.

I like tight fitting leotards and bodysuits too, but it's nice to pick between something tight and something that's just snug.

I, like ling12345, have also been fascinated with women's clothing since I was very young, even around 3 years old was my first memory. I was shopping with my parents and sister in a department store, and I had wandered off from them. They found me in the women's underwear section, just staring at everything that was there. I had no idea why they fascinated me so much, I guess things like this are just a part of us no matter what we do to try and change. I'm starting to convince myself that there's no point in fighting it anymore, I should just accept the fact that I like leotards. I'm starting to wear them in public now, underneath my clothing, but I'm still afraid of what people think or of being caught by friends and family and losing their respect. I know it shouldn't really matter 'cause my wife is OK with it and has actually bought me several leotards. It's like Dr. Seuss says: those who mind, don't matter; those who matter, don't mind.

Sorry for the long post, but I'm just happy to get to share some of this with other people. Only two people beside me know about my leotard fetish, and I'm just dying to let it out. I'm afraid, though, because my daughter is in gymnastics, and I don't want to be banned from her gym because of it. Anyone here have experience with that? I see a lot of straight men on here, so I'm hoping that someone else is married & has kids.

I have a wife and daughter. They both see me in my leotards all the time. I wear them under my clothes almost every day. I don't try to expose it but if someone happens to notice and ask then I will tell them what it is. Several people have seen me lounging around with shorts over the bottom, they get curious but never actually care.

I hope you are wearing your leotard out, and showing it off!! I am going out in mine, soon. (Not just a leotard, shorts covering the bottom.)

(3 years late), Just read your post, and I can so relate to it. I think of the same things you wrote about. I am getting more comfortable wearing my leotards out. It's a women's garment, but I don't get so nervous anymore. I have been with friends, family, and out running errands, etc., and it felt wonderful on! Especially when it is is summer!! Sleeveless rocks! So what's new, three years gone by?

I have always enjoyed wearing leotards in particular . The fabric & tightness has always thrilled me. I have shared this with girlfriends & publicly which is especially thrilling. I enjoy wearing a really tight thong beneath the leotard to emasculate myself in front of females. I love the derisory comments and fantasy is to stand in front of a group of women who would belittle my masculinity <br />
How to make that happen , now that's my question ??

I wish my boyfriend was like you :P
he doesnt dare wear a thong leotard and the dislikes wearing any others when I make him. I\'m dominant over him in bed hihi but I can\'t get him to wear them in bed.

I have and wear leotards regularly both at home and to work. I also enjoy relaxing in the evenings and on my days off in nylon panties. I have also had the experience to swim, in public, in a one piece swimsuit. That was a unique experience and have now done it for the last few years when visiting a friend in Oregon in the winter. Swimming and hot tubbing in the falling snow is a beautiful scene. The first time, I hadn't thought to pack a suit as it was winter, so she provided a women's Speedo for me to wear. I started with a t-shirt over the suit, but took it off later while swimming. The following year when I went to visit, the swimsuit was waiting for me on the pillow of the guest bed, I think she liked seeing me in it. I now wear the same suit every time I go to visit. Oh, and yes I am straight.

I love to wear so many different things like leotards swimsuits bras panties heels skirts lingerie thongs wigs and my favorite thigh high boots. I'm straight but I love wearing so many lovely things this world worries too much about things that don't matter. If anyone would like to talk more and share your fetishes and fantasies I'd love to talk and share mine too. Love this forum too I too started at a young age.

Sound like a real good time. . . I used to wear my sisters leotards and her one piece suits.

You to. I did the same thing, wearing ny sister's
leotards &amp; one piece swim suits.

Still have a thing for both of them to this day.

I have always loved the way leotards and bodysuits look and feel when worn with tights. When I was about 12 years old, my family had moved to New York and we were staying with relatives until our house was ready. I was staying at my aunt's house, and she had a dresser full of clothes in the room I was staying in. I did some snooping, and found that one of the drawers was full of bodysuits! There were five of them -- all short sleeve and snap crotch. They were all the same style but different colors. <br />
<br />
Needless to say, I was in heaven. I tried on a different bodysuit every night. Damn, did they feel good.

I wrote a story if anyone wants to read it here's the link.

I used to sneak into my sister's room and wear her leotard I just loved the feeling of it.Till one day I went to put it on and it wasn't there any more.I have one now but I don't wear it alot I mostly wear tights around my place.I think girls look amazing in leotards.

I wear leotards all the time. I have a large selection from and wear them under dress shirts instead of t-shirts. I also wear them to exercise or simply instead of t-shirts. Lately I found someone to make me custom leotards that just plain perfect: at the top they look like t-shirts, white, v-neck etc. around the bottom they are black and look like boy-shorts. The crotch piece comes up in the front and looks more like a onesie with snaps. I love it.<br />
Oh, did I mention the wool tights I wear along with them, under my business outfit and instead of socks?<br />

Would love to get in contact with your leotard maker, design sounds great.

just a quick note- I wore some white tights with no socks once- the tights have full feet and they got dirty so if u're tights have feet I sugest u watch that

Great story! I am glad you got the positive support that we men need while wearing our leotards. The leotard garment was designed by a man, and was designed to be worn by MEN performers!! Women have taken over wearing them in public, and everywhere else, (not many men are out there wearing them). I think that the "fashion experts" have concluded that it less masculine for a man to wear them outside of the home. I don't believe them, and us guys need to wear what we want to wear, and be seen as we want to be seen. Of course, the leotard will look better on a fit male, than on an unfit male, so we have to be realistic, (and keep in shape). What better motivation to stay in shape? I love the feeling wearing my leotards while biking and working out. My girlfriend tells me that when I wear my leotard out in public, I need to "own it". That's great advice, and a great way to look at it. Live your dream and enjoy your leotard in public or wherever you want to go in it!!

I love wearing my leotards in public. It was hard at first but now I go jogging in just leotards and tights and I take a ballet class where I wear leotards. I never wear anything over my leotards when I go to ballet class. It's a great feeling wearing leotards.

I love wearing gymnastics leotards. Mostly under my clothes at work, but more openly when exercising. Recently I have been wearing a racer-back leotard and lycra shorts for yoga. I asked the instructor first and she said if I was comfortable wearing them I should go for it. I felt pretty self-conscious the first time but after a couple of classes if feels completely natural. I haven’t had any adverse comments or funny looks that I have noticed. It is certainly the most comfortable (physically) outfit for yoga. A loose tee-shirt ends-up falling in your face when you do the head down positions. Most of the women wear close fitting tops so they can hardly complain about me, although I haven’t noticed any others in leotards. After the last class I thanked the instructor for encouraging me to wear the leotard and I got the impression she rather liked me in it! Since I am a straight guy and she is just about drop-dead gorgeous this quite a turn on!

I wear leotards and tights to my ballet class and the girls love it. In fact several time during the year after class we go down stairs to a bar/ restaurant for drinks and we are all in leotards and tights. Some people look but a lot of them envy me with all the girls from class.

Hi, i would like this experience, i too tried on my cousins leotards when i was younger i also used to wear dresses under my clothes, when i was younger i would would wear blancmange/meringue style bridesmaid dresses under my school uniform. I own a ballerina outfit, the full tutu, shoes and ballet tights and ysterday ibought a swimming costume. I often think of getting a skate dress but the price puts me off. I am also straight.

I would really like to have this experience, but finding someone the same is really difficult. <br />
This would be a first time experience, and I would be quite scared, but so excited at the same time.<br />
I think it would be amazing. I suppose it is just two girls with extras. I think about it all the time.

add me and we can talk more about this or email me at

I also love to wear leotards. I have been doing it for most of my life. I would really like to dress for someone in my skating dress. I have complete outfits, which I go out in, and if someone sees me they just think I am coming back from a work-out class or from skating practise. I always wear a little skirt with my leotards, but the skating dress I just wear with shiney skating tights and fur lined boots, and a hooded jacket. I do also dress in average female clothing, and would really love to meet up with another like minded person. Maybe make out as two girls. I am male and straight, but does it make a difference if you are dresses as a feminine girl and so is the other person. I would like peoples opinion on that one.

Here's my opinion, for what it's worth. If you are a male and enjoy kissing other men, then maybe you're not entirely straight. Even if the other guy is dressed up as a girl he is still a guy. Go for it if it makes you happy, and don't let people judge you, but you asked for opinions (albeit nearly 3 years ago) and that's my thought.