I Don't Know Why I Love Wearing Lingerie

I am a 41 year old male heterosexual, I have cross dressed since I was 18. I love to wear bras and panties. I sometimes wear them out but I don't like to get "caught". My wife of 19 years always knew, she seemed accepting but not supportive. We have now separated and she has told me she always hated my fetish and it is part of the reason for our separation. It is a shame that I have lost the love of my life to this fetish. I have tried to stop but I just love it. It is a part of me and I wish she was supportive. It is easy to say she is selfish and I think that she is. But I also think that just like I can't help that I love to wear lingerie, she can't help that she hates it and can't support it.

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<p>I too, love to wear lingerie, but only when no one is around.<br />
I had a nice bra that really fit nice, but it left marks, sometimes for days so I threw it away. I wear panties most of the time, and love to take my slips into the shower!! My ex tolerated it, and I know my girlfriend would never accept it. I am sorry for you that it contributed to your break-up.

I am so sorry that our passion for silk and lace caused your pain .