Bra And Panties Make Me Feel Sexy

I am a 41 year old male heterosexual, I have cross dressed since I was 18. I love to wear bras and panties. I sometimes wear them out but I don't like to get "caught". My wife of 19 years always knew, she seemed accepting but not supportive. We have now separated and she has told me she always hated my fetish and it is part of the reason for our separation. It is a shame that I have lost the love of my life to this fetish. I have tried to stop but I just love it. It is a part of me and I wish she was supportive. It is easy to say she is selfish and I think that she is. But I also think that just like I can't help that I love to wear lingerie, she can't help that she hates it and can't support it.

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Same for me. Married for 33 years to the same wonderful woman. She puts up with it. She hardly ever discusses my obsession with me. Sometimes, when we have had a few, she will get a little playful, but that's very rare. She does realize that before she can get to my penis, she HAS to play with my boobs first. Watching her carress my big breasts drives me nuts.

I am also a straight male that enjoys lingerie.
My current wife supports me, but does not participate and would prefer if I would stop

I might be headed for the same.