Vegas Lingerie Shopping

I was in Vegas for a convention.  Some friends were there too so I went a couple of days early.  they left Sunday and my convention didn't start until Monday.  So after taking them to the airport I stopped by this lingerie shop called Slightly Sinful. they also had some novelties and ******** clothes.  There were some other patrons there who eventually left.  It was just me and the clerk.  I thought it would be a fun goof to take a nightie up and ask her what size I would wear.  She took it right in stride.  the next thing I knew she was leading me around the store grabbing outfits.  My heart was pounding.  I told her my wife and I wanted to try reversing roles.  


Then she says the magic words... why don't you try it on?

I find myself in the dressing room of a lingerie shop trying ourfits on.  I would peek out and if no one had come in I would ask her opinion.  eventually she brought me a black bustier with slightly padded cups and pink bows and some black panties.  They had ruffles on the back which isn't really my thing but the bustier - or maybe it was a corset gave me a great shape.  I had her cut the tags off so I could wear it under my shorts and shirt.

I went straight to Olympic Garden and had the lap dance of my life! she made me come in my panties!

PinkPanties999 PinkPanties999
Mar 25, 2009