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Disney Princess And Barbie Panties

There is nothing more girly than wearing pretty panties.
There are so many to choose from; satin, silk, cotton, nylon, pvc, bikini style, french, full, thong, bloomers with frills, ribbons, lace and a mulitude of gorgeous colours!
I love my Disney Princess and Barbie panties. They are a must for any little girl's pantie drawer!
I wear them every day, either full white cotton panties with Disney Princess motif or pink full cotton panties with Barbie print. I have seven pairs of each, with each day of the week printed on them. Each day a different Disney Princess or Barbie in a different outfit.
There is definitely something thrilling and exciting about being in a work meeting knowing that under my male suit Cinderella is dressed for the ball or Barbie is walking her poodle in a crop top and pink mini skirt and I am wishing I was dressed the same!
sissylittlegirlkatie sissylittlegirlkatie 26-30 Nov 21, 2013

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