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I Like Little Girls Panties

i got interested in panties when i was 14.  it started with a pair of my sister's silky nylon bikini panties i saw on the bathroom floor.  I jerked with them and shot my load into them.  i started from there started stealing women's and girls panties.  my favorite size are 8-16 hipster and brief

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I recently took photos of me wanking in a pair of hello kitty knickers with an age tag of 3/4 years. I love takin pictures of me wearing and wanking in very little girls underwear. I would love someone to let me have their daughters underwear.

the ones they've worn are SO much nicer, the fragrance is incredibly erotic.

Naughty boy

bryan,yes even the panties,except I had to give them back to her.she was going to tell her mom she traded her cotton undies with me.

Me andmy 9 yr old cousin wear the same underwear.her vagina is perfect

P.S. Girls get to raid everything that was once "guy stuff".....what's wrong with us fellers wearing panties? Gals even have their own line "boyshorts" (even copying our fly). Nothing wrong with us enjoying their stuff too....we can't let them have all the fun. Geez.

@ naughtykevin40....I'll bet you're a pantyboy too...or you wouldn't have come to this page. It's okay that you're still a panty "closet wearer", I was too for many years, but I love to wear then 24/7 now! They're just so comfortable and cute......and make me feel like I'm getting away with something. The fantasy of getting caught wearing erotic as hell! ;D

You are all making me hot. I wish I had a sister, cousin or aunt to do this stuff.

My aunt began dressing me in my little cousins panties when I was 8.She moved when I was 12 and I was hooked..Unkown to me my mom had known what she had been doing and didn't stop her.I too stole panties from other couisins and friends home.I was 14 when a friends mom caught me in her 12 year old daughters panties.I had gone to use the bathroom,which had no door lock and found a pair in the hamper,I took my shorts and underwear off and slipped them on only to have her walk in.She didn't make a scene,just told me take them off and wait there.She came back with a clean pair and put them on me and took my boy briefs telling me we would talk later.We did she told me her brother who was killed in the war crossdressed and if I wanted to dress as a girl it was ok with her.I was to ask not steal

I started wearing my sisters panties when i was about 12 and i *********** in them.a year or so later a girl i knew took hers off for me and i put them on and *********** in them in front of her then gave them back to her to put on.that memory makes me *** every time

i have been into little girl panties since i was about 10 had 2 sisters younger than me a love j/o in their panties babysat many young girls would *** in their clean panties a bit then put them back i have several pairs i like to use and thinking of the tiny mounds they cover always makes me explode

i used steal my daughters friends panties when they can to stay over, and **** off in them, like you thinking bout their little mounds made me *** quickly and heavy mmmm

One of my daughters friends who was 17 would steal my panties and replace them with hers.Her mom only bought her cotton briefs,but they were cute.I didn't say anything untill I noticed she had stolen my CD player and CD's.I went to her house and told her mom some things were missing and I seen her with the CD player.Her mom let me search her room and I got everything back.

i love to see little girls panties. i love to jerk off in panties got started with my stepdaughters years ago

I love ******* off in my stepdaughters little panties too. Thinking bout her ***** being right there when I ***

love seen photos of little girls showing their panties now i want to wear them after reading how much satisfaction you all get

Teenage girls silky nylon thong panties, size 5-6 are sooo sweet. I slip them on and feel myself off so good.