Nipple Chains

I like the feel of wearing nipple chains. I wear them in public quite often. Sometimes under a shirt and sometimes without a shirt on. Nipple chains draw attention to your nipples and men really seem to like seeing them.

There is something sensual about wearing nipple chains and men seem to really like the look of them.

I have many more photos but these are a few to give you an idea.  If you like the look of them please let me know.

aardvark1234 aardvark1234 31-35, F 78 Responses Jan 24, 2012

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Love them..have you ever thought of having your beautiful nipples pierced? You can wear beautiful jewelry in them...youl'll be noticed even more!! Your nipples will be even more sensitive and orgasmic xx

put he chain between yer teeth and tug upon it.

love to pull on that chain

Ran into a woman with chains on a nude beach years ago. She enjoyed them as it sounds like you do!
Best Wishes, AT

I love your pics. I use nipple chains in place of a bra, though. I loop the chain behind my neck and adjust it so that it pulls my nipples up. Great if you want pokies, and it lends a bit of excitement all day.

love the nipple chains! i have a couple with nipple clamps on the ends, and i used to have one like the top photo - i'll have to get a new one soon - you've reminded me how much i enjoyed it!

I love your nipples. So sexy with the chain on.

They are nice. I like them with a short chain so you feel the pull

Those are some excellent nipples and nipple clamps!

I love your chains. Wish my wife could wear them

I see you have non-piercing jewelry. Why not get your nipples pierced and then you can interchange the chairs or other jewelry easily.

nice nipples

Yes, we like to see them. Anything that attracts us to your breasts is very welcome.

they look fantastic hun

Very nice, thanks for showing

You make them look incredible, do you like them tugged on?

Your chains are very sexy. I wear nipple clamps attached by a chain, but while doing my chores. Once, my Dominant Mistress used the chain to lead me to another room for a punishment spanking.


I have a chain that goes behind my neck and pulls my nipples up, and a second one that attaches to my ****. Every time I turn my head, I shiver with delight. :-)

wow ...that must be some experience ...

shockingly sexy

Love them, thanks for sharing.

those are gorgeous

I love them...I have seen other women with them...and it is quite the turn on when they pull on their chains by themselves...while we are fooling is very erotic!! :)

wow i like those nipples with chains on.

They are sexy but only so if the wearer has great **** like yours, ( and big hard nipples to fasten them over.

Those are some very nice nipple chains! Your breasts are awesome this way!

I need to get myself some of those. they look great

So sxey, love you in chains!!!

I've always liked nipple chains expeshally when pierced