Transparent Shorts Show Everything

Today I my internet shopping arrived that I have been waiting for. Nearly transparent white football shorts! They are made out of a latex like fabric that is the sheerest I have ever seen. I cant wait to get home from the office and try them on. I have a ***** already just thinking about it. I am wearing a diaper now so I can have a **** in anticipation of wearing the shorts.
tightshortsnick tightshortsnick
56-60, M
3 Responses Sep 10, 2012


Lovely sounding shorts - which website did you use?

From the adult size school uniform site I have a pair of authentic pe shorts 0" inside leg which I love wearing

I'm excited and i haven't ordered them
good job you got a diaper on bud
i'm in my white nylon shorts
and they are very wet indeed! !!!!