Filene's basement

I like wearing panties. I remenber when I was a teenager I took the T in to Boston to Filene's basement on Washington Street. I had decided I was going to buy some lingerie and decided today is the day. I went to the bargain basement and found two pairs of nylon panties, a garter belt, stockings and a bra. Everything was clearance so the entire purchase was quite inexpensive. I paid for the lingerie and wasn't nervous at all. Just holding the lingerie kept my mind off any nervousness.

After I got home I started to put on my new purchases. What a fantastic feeling. Everything was so soft and smooth. I'm not sure whatever happened to those items. But it was sure fun wearing them. and
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

I loved Filene's basement. It was the first place I ever tried on a pair of women's shoes. Got lots of good deals for both men and women's clothes. And the first time I ever purchased stockings was actually at Woolworth's. I have a lot of fond memories from Downtown Crossing. Felt really comfortable there.

Remember the first time I bought my very own Playtex Rubber Panty Girdle was in Filene"s basement. You're right, easy task, no one seemed to notice or care. But it was a huge thrill for me (actually, it still would be a thrill if I could wear or buy a rubber girdle today!)

eBay might be your best bet.

WAAAAAY too expensive on EBay! But, I'll keep looking!

Was that the end of it? Didn't you become aide long wearer of delicate women's intimates?

Oh no, I've been wearing intimate apparel for over 40 years now.