wear a diaper at grandmas house

when visiting my grandma I was left home alown one day so I went up to my moms old room and  took of my under wear then I went to my room and grabed some of my old underwear witch were small and pit them on i then opend my moms closet and grabed an old doll of hers that had a fake diaper on and pit the frount of it over my man hood and pit the back under me and over my butt then holding it in place whill I pulled the underwear on over it,the underwear were small so it made the diaper tight i then went down into the old game room and looked thru and found the overalls from when I was small boy that still fit me, one was really tight but it was from when I was a baby and had four buttons for when you needed to change a diaper I pit my legs thru the holes and pulled it up as far up as possible and tryed to button the buttons on the side but thay did'nt go in all the way so i pulled the overalls off and then the underwear but held the diaper in place then pulled the overalls over the diaper and then buttond the buttons in thar holes then pulled the strapes over his sholders and cliped them in place then grabed another pare that were bigger and long leg sleves pit my legs thru the leg sleves and pulled it up the pit the buttons in thar holes then pit the strapes on it had bob the builder on the frount. i walked around in them then sat down and just felt the diaper move and crack as he sat down he got up and pit everything back before his mom and grandma got back.Another time while they were gone i took a strap and used it to keep my privet from pooking out aand tied it thar then i put the diaper on and grabed the same pare over overalls and pit it on then grabed two sheats of paper and pit one over my man hood and the other over my butt then pit the overall all the way on and then I walked around.Then on another night  I was up stares and i grabed the small underwear  and the diaper and pit both on and lay in my moms bed.preteding i was a baby. in the futer i want to sneek the diaper in to the game room.so hear it is in first person i pit the diaper in to a place out of the way and tell my moom im going to sleep in thar then that night i when everyone is asleep i grab the diaper and the overalls and lay down and pretend to take orders from some one so i slowly pull my under wear off then I grabed the overalls and pit it on then I unbuted the  boddom and slowly pulled it up then grabed the diaper and pit it on and pulled the overall over it and buttined it. then i set my phone alarm on be for everyone is awake and fall asleep.i then want to pit on my clothes and see if i can see if anybody can tell im wareing it so i can wearit when im out shoping. i want to ask my mon to wear an overall around the house.
beyblade beyblade
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2011