Wearing Womans Thongs And G-strings

I love wearing womens thongs and g-strings because they feel way better than mens underwear i started wearing since i was 16years old i would where them everywhere, like to school, mall, and somtimes to parties now i wear them every single day and it makes me feel good about myself and i am not going to stop wearing them no matter what and sometimes i will wear them with tight jeans and exposed them
trannylover1 trannylover1
18-21, M
4 Responses Jan 6, 2013

is love to see said thongs. message?

I alway wear women's thong too. Woman's thong is more soft and comfortable than man's.

I love woman's underwear especially thongs and gstrings feel so sexy and comfortable wearing thy

I agree with you!

way to go !! have you try men thongs and g-strings or it´s only women ?

Its only woman

I used to wear them too until I found some men thongs. Same feeling but more space in front.