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Pantyhose Feel Good Under Shorts

I started wearing support pantyhose under shorts early last fall. Since I wear shorts often during the hot months, I don't see any good reason not to make summer last a little longer with shorts and a pair of thick hose. I've gotten a few strange looks from men, which is understandable - they expect to see a woman attached to my legs. Women seem to get a kick out of it.
ntrlvr01 ntrlvr01 56-60, M 6 Responses Feb 12, 2013

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I hate giving up shorts in the autumn, so out come the leggings, which feel so cozy underneath. This is my preferred outfit for raking leaves and such. I also wear them under shorts for yoga class and, as you noted, women get a kick out of them and often want to feel the material. Nice.

As long as I keep everything else masculine, and the shade of my pantyhose is flesh tone, very few people seem to actually notice. I don't tend to wear colored tights & shorts far from home. Mostly just to do light carpentry and yard work. I wear nude pantyhose everywhere.

If you added a pair of crew socks (and wore athletic shoes) and wore cargo shorts, your pantyhose would be almost invisible.

I give you a lot of credit. I wear pantyhose all day, everyday when it's cooler outside but would never wear them under shorts. I'm not ready to try to break the sterotype barrier.

Definitely give it a try. It's fun.

That's very cool. I want to do this in the not so distant future. I've actually discussed it with my wife and she's on with the idea, but wants to wait until the kid is on his own.

I wear pantyhose with shorts all the time. Since I almost always wear neutral colors like nude, beige, tan or taupe, the fact I'm wearing pantyhose is not usually immediately obvious. Still, my wearing shorts and pantyhose out openly season runs from April to October.

If I'm wearing shorts, I'm wearing pantyhose. I rarely go bare legged.