Wearing Tights Openly At Work

I am lucky to work in a place that essentially has no dress code, and the atmosphere is very laid back. I wear shorts every day at work, as do about 75% of the people in my department.

We have gym facilities open to us, and I've been going there for many years now. From about a year ago, I started openly wearing tights there, under my exercise shorts. In the beginning, I was the only guy wearing tights, but as time went on, eventually a few other guys began to wear them. Hehe it's nice to be a trend setter. I wonder if these other guys also share my fetish aspect of wearing tights and hosiery.

Anyway, the people at work pretty much know that I go to the gym a lot. Thus it is no far stretch for them to see me in tights, even at work. I've even started to wear them openly during our field work, and nobody really cares. Such a great feeling, openly wearing tights in the great outdoors!

EcruSilk EcruSilk
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Have worn under trousers for work. Wish I could wear them openly!

been doing it for over twenty years. Love to be excited all day, and feel the wet drips while at work.

You wear them AT work??? I am so jealous!!! Are they hiring??? LOL

Just curious, were the tights you wear to the gym footed or not footed? Either way, must be a phenomenal sensual experience! Have other guys been observing/glued to your legs? I would.