Tights Arousal At Gym

I am wearing tights in my office right now, as I get ready to go to the gym.

Lately, I have been reading Experience Project in the afternoon, before going to the gym. I love to read everybody's experiences with tights and pantyhose!

Today I had to start doing something new. Before going to the gym, I had to wrap some toilet paper around my penis, like a condom, under my tights, because I was starting to make a wet spot on my tights. I was getting so horny reading the other tights stories, and thinking about working out in my tights. I hope I don't get too hard in the gym because it will be hard to concentrate on the workout. If this sort of thing continues, I might have to start wearing a condom under my tights in the gym.

To be continued...
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7 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I wore navy blue leggings out of the gym last night with just a sweat top for the first time last night. I am an avid biker so I think others think that has something to do with my attire. I love the feeling and the warmth. I walked by two female aerobic instructors similarly clad - and thought to myself..."why is it just the girls..."

I have to ask; when you wear your tights at the gym how you wear them? Under a pair of loose shorts, under bike shorts, under a pair of sweats?

I wear running tights in the colder months and I am in agreement that I get aroused because of the smooth and silky material against my leg. I can't help but pop a b0ner in them. I wear lighter weight tights during the warmer months as well. Running tights are very similar to yoga pants and I can see why females wear both because it exposes your butt and crotch areas for others to see. What a turn on! I hope others will share their experiences and fetish too!

I always wear tights to the gym. Usually, I wear Adidas, Cut and Sewn long tights. They are super thin and somewhat sheer when you pull them up tightly or bend and stretch. I am certain the thong I am wearing is spotted. If anyone has any tights recommendations, please let me know.<br />
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Dance tights and simple tights just do not have the sporty look that I feel looks good on me. <br />
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In regards to the story title, Tights Arousal. I do get aroused when I catch someone looking at me, but usually I am too in to my workout to really get to carried away.

I love tights also.I put a story about men wearing tights last night and this girl commented that i would probably get bougered.Don't understand that! She obviously don't have nice legs,just jelous i guess.I wear Capiezeo,and danskin shiny tights.I recently bought some JC Penny work out tights,they are good too.<br />

Maverick85:<br />
At the gym, I usually wear Nike Pro-Core basic tights with no underwear. They are footless and I wear them under my gym shorts. They are opaque if I stand still, but the knees and butt become somewhat see-through when I bend. IMHO they feel better than my Under Armour tights because they are more silky.<br />
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Sometimes I wear women's opaque, seamless, microfiber leggings. They are essentially very thick tights, and they feel wonderful. Nobody can tell they're women's leggings.<br />
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A couple of times, I've worn women's pantyhose under my workout tights, and it was a real thrill. But it was a bit warm, so I don't know if I could do that regularly.

I'm in the same exact attire right now; I'm wearing tights underneath my jeans. I'm not hard, but the pressure against my crotch is something I find very comfortable and pleasantly intense. I yearn to reach the point of no return. I second your take on the tights to the gym attire; are they footed tights, or are they footless tights? I would be curious about the opacity and the thickness. I've precummed before too, reading and admiring other people wearing tights and going about their lives and just positioning myself as though I were in their shoes.