More Tights Pleasure At The Gym

This is continued from my previous story.

Recap: I wear tights in the gym. Since my new ritual is to read EP before going the the gym, I get really horny. The side effect of this is that I start to make pre-*** wet spots in my tights. To remedy this, one day I decided to wrap toilet paper around my penis like a condom...

Anyway, that day I used TP in my tights in the gym... the end result was pretty funny. I was able to control my excitement and not get fully erect in the gym. However, by the end of the workout, the constant sweat and movement of the workout created a whole lot of tiny little balls of TP around my crotch in my tights. Like dingleberries made of TP, but around my crotch. This was not acceptable lol.

So on a subsequent visit I tried something different. I didn't have a condom handy at work, but we do have a lot of surgical gloves available here. I put a surgical glove on my penis like a condom, and secured the base with a snug little 3/4" rubber band. The rubber band would keep it from sliding off during the rigors of the workout.

Wow it was magical. Wearing tights in the gym with a "glove condom." I was doing deadlifts that day, so there is a lot of bending involved. The glove is dry to begin with, not tacky like a lubed condom. So my gloved penis slid around in my tights with every move. It was quite sensational, so it took some concentration to control my excitement. But I was definitely dripping pre-*** in the glove. After I started to sweat, the sliding sensation in the tights became less noticeable, but I was still aware of a nice pleasurable "aura" around my crotch. It was awesome.

After the workout, I went back to my work place. Unfortunately I couldn't **** and relieve the built up tension because my ride was coming to pick me up lol. So I had to wait until I got home.

Next time, my plan is to wear a condom under my tights while at the gym. The glove was rather cumbersome. The plan is to get some cheap, non-lubricated condoms in bulk. Non-lubed because it felt fantastic with the exterior sliding around inside my tights. I'll experiment with varying degrees of lubricating the interior though. I figure I'll be leaking pre-*** anyway, might as well get the interior all nice and lubed lol.

To be continued...
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Nice. I enjoy doing Pilates wearing a long sleeve, stretch body suit - kind of like a leotard, with sheer to waist pantyhose.