I've Been Wearing Tights For Several Years.

When I first started wearing tights it started for fetish reasons but I then realised that wearing tights had it's benefits during the freezing winter months. I normally wear black opaque tights and nowadays without socks. It is good for blood circulation and wearing opaque tights has the advantage of passing off as socks. Being a man I don't find anything wrong with wearing tights but where i live it wouldn't be a good idea to openly wear tights in public. The thought of spending time in the fracture clinic to me is not very appealing.
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1 Response Oct 26, 2010

i had been wearing tights maybe a year or so before this happened I was in primary school and one winter the school heating had broken down so all parents had a letter sent to them saying please provide warm clothing for your son or daughter, I have two older sisters which wore tights all the time,they had so many pairs between them.so one afternoon i was called upstairs to my sisters room.As i walked into their room.one of my sisters said you can have these tights on the bed because we have grown out of them,i looked at the pile there just have been 20-30 pairs there all different colours black,tan,blue and brown.With this event i was hooked