Men In Tights! Whats Wrong With That?

I'm a male that loves wearing tights.Years back i was in this exercise class, the only male,i was in heaven,i wore a pair of white pantyhose,and a pair of white danskin.1331,shiny tights.Over the tights i wore black spandex shorts.The women i think enjoyed seeing me every monday nite in my white shiny tights. I know for a fact i loved seeing all the women in they;re spandex and tights.Like said i was in heaven.In the evenings i would go out walking in my tights.Love wearing tights,i just wished that the rest of the world would wake up and try it instead of criticising.
I will never change
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Don't judge or be judged by higher means.

There is nothing wrong wearing spandex,Lycra,cotton,sheer,latex,rubber It's in all line of clothing around the world and the haters out their if you wear a shirt pants or any line of clothing out there you are wearing the same as all of us ,look at the tags they will tell you what's in the fabric that you wear. Dud!!!!!!!

Yep I'm a guy and I love wearing tights and pantyhose. Accentuate well-toned legs with tights/hose is equally attractive on men as on women. Some people might feel uncomfortable seeing guys in tights, but we live our lives to enjoy ourselves, not to sacrafice our happiness for others.

it puzzles me when alot of close minded guys (and gals) act all 'men aren't suppossed to wear tights, blah blah blah" and yet we see football players wearing the tightest tights that shows just about everything and nobody makes a fuss about it. its really funny...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with men wearing tights or pantyhose. Even though I crossdress myself, I know that many men realize the benefits of legwear, and it's not of a sexual or fetish orientation. We all know that many athletes wear tights to help performance, reducing the risk or cramps and muscle pulls. Hosiery kicks butts on thermal underwear, providing insulation/warmth without adding bulk. Men who work outside (in construction for example) wear them. Male soldiers in the military are known to wear them. Many men involved in cold weather activities, such as hunting, fishing, skiing, etc. have found the benefits of wearing tights/pantyhose.

Unfortunately, I think the vast majority of people's default reaction to a man in pantyhose is that he is weird. Some sort of sexual deviant. And it's that kind of broad based, societal group thinking that drives most guys into the closet about wearing.

It's kind of sad to read interviews with guys who are extremely macho, who use the legwear for very practical, and utilitarian purposes, but feel the need to hide the fact that they wear tights because they fear public ridicule.

There are those men, who are like me, that simply enjoy how pantyhose feel. is that wrong?

I completely agree with you- I am in a cold region of Australia and I once heard a guy say guys who wear tights are gay [I disagree with him - always have always will] then recently he came up to a social event at my college and was cold before the sun went down- he even got hold of my warm coat which unbeknown to him inside the linning of the coat was a pair of black tights for me to put on if I needed them under my jeans- I didn't need them but find its always good to have them incase I do need em.

The "guys who wear tights are gay" comment is a common response. It's a societal default way of thinking. We tend to forget history. 200+ years ago, legwear was initially designed for and was worn by men in Europe. Somewhere along the way, tights became women's wear.

i wear tights with shorts on nobody has ever said anything to me so i guess they just dont care to wat im wearing

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yeah it happened to me and I was wearing tights

hey there biz suit<br />
you have to try it,they will help support your legs.Seeing that they come in many colors you can choose some that will fit in to the rest of the ladies.Enjoy

I'm going to start wearing runner's or cyclist tights to class when the weather gets cooler. I doubt anyone will think twice about it, except maybe my wife! LOL.

I recall going to the doctors a while back, and they needed to attach electrodes to my ankles. The nurse's first question was "are you wearing tights?"<br />
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I wasn't at the time, but it made me realise they must see a lot of men who do!

Amen for that! I love the tights! Have a big "dump" of tights.

Awesome! That takes some courage to wear tights in a class like that. I've gotten into pilates over the last year. I have not worn tights in class in front of my instructor, but have done some mat exercises in tights and pantyhose. I would love to wear them during class.

i love what you guys are saying i have the same feeling for this

I wear tights but not openly. I do see guys wearing tights with shorts, jogging and bike riding so there are guys out there wearing tights. But this is not a common or everyday sight. It would be nice if it became 'cool' to wear tights.

I'll bet you a lot of those same people that wear tights to train like to wear them when not training. is an interesting comment- I would love to see guys being able to wear tights down the street all the time with no comments from others

I do. Only with the "training" look. Running shoes, gym shorts and t-shirt often times with headphones. After training I just go about my business without changing and it seems to be acceptable. The more people who do it tastefully and respectfully will make the sight of men in tights more acceptable.

Ashleegirl why are you yelling? We arn't hard of hearing.Don't you have nice legs?Must be your not a lycra girl.