Anti Social And Loving It!

As I sit here tonight typing in a pair of blue jeans with black tights underneath and boots.The same black tights I wore yesterday it has
become more evident I don't need anything but a nice pair of tights to be stress free.The place where I live I don't draw much attention
anyway.I guess I'm seen as a loser so ladies look past me and I'm not mexican which is even more of a turn off I guess but who cares.I spend
my nights alone in my room such as last night letting my jeans gently fall to the floor and the fun begin.
I wore a little pink top and some black tights last night and also threw on some heels.I felt so naughty looking in the mirror and rubbing my legs and pantyhosed feet.I later layed on the bed and squirted a few times before falling asleep in my tights.Still leaking in the condom not making a mess as I turned out the lights.But thats expected after walking around with a hard on all day and nobody really knowing whats going on in my head or beneath my jeans.It's such a turn on!
Never judge a book by it's cover oh yeah.Just sitting here thinking about tonight and tommorrow looking at a pair of navy tights
I will wear under my jeans.It's cold now because it's winter and since I have given into my fetish I live a life thats less stressful.
But as it always has been a lonely life.So once again it's just me and my tights.My aunt says I have legs like my mother so I
guess wearing tights as a turn on was meant to be.Nite! Nite! Mr anti social sitting here typing in my black tights! If only you could feel
what I feel! Just a anti social loser who likes to wear tights!And they must have the gusset!!!SO SEXY!You spread your legs and see it!OMG!
Black Brown Navy! I need a pair like the hooters girls wear they look so sexy! A sweater and something to suck!
Gotta stay hot in the winter! hehehe!
sissywissy sissywissy
31-35, M
Nov 12, 2011