Wearing Tights

I started wearing tights when I was 11 just plain straight tan tights out of my mothers drawer, once I had tried them for the first
time there was no going back, I would skip school on the days my mother went to work just so I could wear them again, it just felt sooooooo
good and the reaction was oh so very good too ;)

Then I looked in my sisters drawer and discovered the delights in there very sheer black tights so I tried them and got the same buzz so I continued to wear hers more than my mothers.

Did either my mother or sister catch me wearing their tights well as far as my mother knows nothing nor did she catch me, my sister well I'm not so sure I
had to take them off quick an get out of her room, see nver caught me but she made sure her tights were very neatly folded and stacked carefully in the drawer.

My next chance to wear my sisters came when she asked me to house sit so I had plenty of time to play safely ;)

daveyintightsuk daveyintightsuk
3 Responses Jan 1, 2012

Very similar to myself.i was lucky to try my sisters heels in my early teens as well.

I used to do exactly the same David. I had a thing about them from about 9/10 and was very frustrated that it was only girls who were allowed to wear them. They were the only 'girls' clothes that interested me and I desperately wanted to know what they felt like. Obviously back then parents weren't so broad minded and I knew that my parents would freak if I was caught. I had to be very sneaky, finding space and time to indulge my passion.


first in the morning i wear pantyhose each ,all year a lot of year >40 years ago i do the sam emy mother PH and the best stockings with garters