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my wife accepted me being a cd about 15 years ago for about 2 years but then she said she had ahd enough so I had to stop but i can't.
my compromise now is to be androgyne, that is without geder so i dont think of myself as male or female just christine. i mix male cloths in girly colours, pink, pale blue with female jeans ,tights everyday etc and yes I do do womamly things, read womans books and magazines and it helps me cross the boundaries and be me. i love it
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I can relate sweetie. My wife supported me, bought me lingerie, hormons off and on, allowed me to play the female role in bed, helped me with ake-up, and even used a strap-on. But 3 years ago she lost intrest and now justs puts up with me dressing. I guess with her getting involved with religion and age, she doesn't support me like she use to. It is somewhat depressing. But! When I feel really bad I take a shower, shave my legs and all areas, put on my stockings and lingerie and apply make-up and I feel so much better. You have to be true to yourself hon. kiss-kiss

so true, you have to live first with yourself

How on earth did you go back after 2 years? ? ?

it was a question of priorities. I put my marriage above Christine but I now realise I should have been stronger so i am doing something about it now before I run out of time

Priorities, yeah, great, but it must have crushed you. I don't have a female alter ego, never have. I've always just dressed up a bit, sometimes alot, but It's always been me. To be someone else, to have another person, another life, in your life, that someone you've always wanted, and then loose it. It must have been terrible.

It is important to live the life that you're comfortable with<br />
Hugs<br />

iwish to be alone too wife not suppoted me but i wihs to wear all woman underwear and cloths ,,have breats but now after 50 i strat to enlarge breast (reason for wife gynecomastia) for me natural enlarge fenugreek .an dpills for woman in menopause i feels ofeem as i take pills daily progress slower but go on ..kisses

I agree labels do not define who you are. Society accept women wearing a dress, but frowns on a man wearing a dress. Who determines what is right and wrong? Everyone should have the right to live their life regardless of society's norms. It really is all about how you feel inside. I applaud you for having the courage to be who you really are inside and out! More people are embracing the middle approach...because it really is the best of both worlds.

I think that this is a great place to be if you can. It's honest, and if you don't fit the gender binary model, don't feel obliged. Many of us are a very healthy mix of male and female, and nothing has to be discarded just because we are not all one thing. I've wavered a lot over the past couple of years, trying to find my real comfort zone. It's definitely female now, to the point that male clothes can feel a bit odd. It may be that I only wear them for other people and it wouldn't be so bad if it was just me choosing. Similarly, the most important physical change (apart from hair) I want is breasts. I think above all I want to be wholly me without any sense of pretence by using prosthetics (breast forms and a wig).<br />
<br />
I admire Grrl Alex ( ) for creating her own identity in the middle. She certainly finds respect for it, maybe more than for a poor attempt at being a woman, or worse, a parody.<br />
<br />
Go cross those boundaries, Christine!

thanks for the great reply. I would love breast and my next chnege is to have my hair styled femme.