Ugly Bare Legs Need Tights

I know that putting on a pair of tights can seem unecessary these days and that wearing tights in hot weather can be uncomfortable..however one of the main reasons women have to wear tights is to make their legs look attractive. My legs arn't bad looking,but i still feel the need to wear tights with a skirt or dress. I also have to wear tights as part of a company dress code, with which I agree.This morning I saw a woman with shapely legs, which looked ghastly...very white with ugly blotched skin. Had she worn a pair of tights she would have looked feminine and attractive..instead she looked like a tart.
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4 Responses Aug 20, 2012

I couldn't agree more. Tights (pantyhose in the US) give a classy, finished look. I have also seen women who 'really needed' to be wearing some.

My hubby does not allow bare legs for me or his daughters. I do find wearing tights or stockings all the time a bit uncomfortable but he does insist on the grounds of modesty.

Couldn't agree with you more

Jayne xxx

exactly! tights look so great and elegant and bare legs look so awful!