Tights In A John Wayne Movie

RIO BRAVO is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. It is a great western. The cast is wonderful. Angie Dickinson as Feathers was really well - cast. She exuded sex.
It was wonderful to see her wearing tights in one of the scenes. Feathers was so much in love with John Wayne's character, Sheriff John T. Chance. She threatened to walk out on him wearing her tights.
Sheriff John T. Chance threatened to arrest her if she wore them in public.
Later, she stepped behind a screen and after changing she threw the tights out the window. Stumpy, played by Walter Brennan, found the tights, made a crack about them, cackled and he put them around his neck as though they were a scarf. Then, Stumpy and Dude, played by Dean Martin, walked off into the dark Texas night.
Just the adult sex that was evident was very tense. Not only were the tights and the sexy legs of Angie Dickinson, but there were even women's underpants shown onscreen earlier in the film. I love the thought of the subject matter.
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thAT SOUNDS SOOO exciting for you. Angie is a very exciting girl-----yum Love Noelle