"I hate you"

Thats what the middle aged woman said to me on the smoking terrace at a pub in town yesterday.. Then added "you've got better legs than me!". We laughed, and she returned with a friend - inviting me and my partner to join them. She asked me why I wore tights, ... I should have said "do you mean openly?" but didn't think of that so I just said "for the same reason you girls!" we swapped numbers and promised to meet again. (she put my contact details as "James Legs") Can but smile! (see my pics) regards to all. James.
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Yes! That happens to me often! In spring and fall I often wear (American) tights, the ones thicker and only sheer when stretched, and I get that about once every two weeks on average. Last week I ran across a lady that worked for a charity that I used to work with when I worked in a different town. It was warm and I was just wearing some below the knee Capri shorts with just smooth shaved legs. Maybe because she knew me to often wear tights or maybe it was the women's shorts but she kept looking down at my legs and probably my purple and coral running shoes and said "your legs are better than my daughter's. She is 15 and she won the Pioneer Summer Queen contest two weeks ago". Then she got her photos of her family out of her purse and showed me each one. Mom isn't bad looking for for her age and daughter is really nice looking especially in her cheerleading outfit.

Thanks for your message tammy2. : ) Hope to hear from you soon. Look out for my new pics that 'devondaddy' (my partner) will take 'in the community' in the next few days. Best wishes. James

you are lucky she put your did you see her a gin

They would have probably hated me to. My legs are the second sexiest part of my body.