When My Mother Figured It Out.

It was a few months after Halloween and had dressed as the dominos pizza nerd guy from the 80s and my mother got me two pairs of red tights and a red long sleeve leotard and white spandex shorts for the costume. Well after Halloween I had kept the tights, leotard and shorts I was hooks on tights and I loved the leotard and I knew that I could never give them up. The vary idea of never wearing tights an a leotard again was just depressing to me. So I kept them and wore the tights and the leotard as much as I could. I would wear them under my clothes almost everyday and I would wear them right up to bed time. Some times I would fall asleep in them on cold days but I always woke before my alarm. Well one day I didn't and my mother woke me and saw me but waited until I was eating breakfast with her before she said anything, I told her that i was cold and they really kept me warm. She seamed to accept that and let it go so I thought. Well that day when she got home she gave me a few pairs of black tights and two pairs of grey tights and told me that I could give the red tights a break and switch out so they will last longer and I thanked her and took them to my room. Well a few nights later I was wearing the black tights and the red leotard to bed again and as I was getting into bed my mother knocked once and opened the door and stuck her head in to say good night and got an eye full of my butt in the new black tights and red leotard. I thought I was going to die of embarisment. She just smiled at me and kissed my check. Well a week later my mother came home with leotards in black, gray, white and dark red, dark blue with matching tights. I don't know what to say, but she did she asked me " why are you wearing tights and the leotards everyday? Why are you wearing them to school, to bed? " I just looked at her trying to think of something clever to say that would explain it so I don't sound like I was a freak. So I told the truth, I told her that I feel more comfortable in them and that I love the way they feel on me the same going for the leotards. So she asked if I had worn any of her clothing and seeing how its just the two of us I told the truth and said yes some of her skirts and shoes. So she just told me to be truthful with her and not hide anything from her any more and she took me to her room and have me what she didn't want anymore. But I really didn't get into the cross dressing thing until I was almost 20 and she was ok with me wearing the tights and leotards when I felt like it and in the summer time she introduced me to pantyhose and they were much nicer in the summer but I still loved tights better. In the years to come with the help of my mother I had amassed a large collection of thoughts, pantyhose and leotards and a large collection of women's clothing and heels all that but that's another story.
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It always puts a smile on my face to read stories of mom's that accept and support their son's desires to crossdress.

Whose idea was it for the Domino's noid character? The fact that your mother didn't ask you to throw out or return the tights and leoatard after Halloween would seem to be somesort of test to determine some suspicions she may have already held about your leanings don't you think? Plus the fact that she gave you more tights after discovering you wearing the tights after Halloween would seem to indicate that she was cautiously supportive of you you.....How fortunate you are to have a mom like that.

Your Mom rocks!! What a great story!

That's awesome that your mom did that for you. Did you get to try one piece swimsuits during the summer?

Fabulous sweetie

What a smart and wonderful mother! Lucky you.

Thank you so much, she is the best I truly am lucky.

That's awesome what a great mom

Great Story you have an awesome Mom.If you want I have a leotard group with over 700 pics in in everyone is welcome to join it here's the link http://www.facebook.com/groups/Leotard.Lovers/

Wonderful Mother you have. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much. Your too kind

You're quite welcome.

Loved this story. You must have had lots of fun.

Thank you, I did an she is so supportive she never thought I was a freak or anything. Thanks so much.

You're welcome. You have any idea how lucky you were? It would have been a dream come true for me.

Yes I really do know how lucky I am, I had a bf in high school who is no longer with us because of intolerant parents who wouldn't understand or even try.

Would you mind explaining whatyou meant by that? Sounds as if something bad happened. Not being nosy just trying to undersatand.

What my mother figured out was that i was wearing the tights from Halloween, she didn't tell me then how she knew, only later she told me that she noticed the tights under my jeans when i would sit with my legs crossed and when she gave me a hug she could feel the that i was wearing something under my shirt, and all the times she saw me in the tights and leotard going to bed or when she woke me for school and i had fallen asleep with them on..

Got all that. What I was refering to was your high school boy friend. Sorry I did not make that clear. He is no longer with us because why? I hope not suicide. And what did the intolerant parents do to stop the situation? I think that was wrong of them.

His parents espeshily his father thought he could beat and ridicule him to stop wearing women's clothing and haveing a inappropriate and sick relationship with me. This went on for a few years and he took his life. I tryed to console him when he would show up to school with a black eye and my mother told him he was always welcome at owe home, but when the people who are supposed to love, protect and care abuse you it's too much.

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