I wear them almost everyday. They are soooooooo much more comfortable than jeans!
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and they look great!

I love tights, I'm 19 and a guy, shame there's such a taboo on guys wearing them

right on!

Who said there taboo on guys? Maybe someone who has not worn them?

I wear them all the time (see my album) they are the most comfortable however my favourite ones are a little thin in the crotch over the last 5 years or so so I am forced to wear a thong underneath because the pinkness of my **** statin to show through......

that is so cool!
I have loved tights since I was a kid...took ballet too and luved wearing them!!
Would you add?

I agree with you. My work requires that I wear jeans. So as soon as I get home off come the jeans, on with tights. I really do love them. They keep my legs warm, and it gets really cold here.

Do you wear pantyhose in the warmer months or just stick to tights?

Well I live in Texas so during the summer it is 100+ so I don't wear them, but all fall and winter I wear both

Oh, bummer... Not even at night with your holy jeans that are oh so fashionable?

I don't wear holy jeans. During the summer you have yo wear shorts to try and stay cool.

Oh.. Like in short shorts? I know what you mean.

How many pairs do you think you own?

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Rock on.....from a male perspective I perceive women wearing tights to be more classier dressed than you wear plain colors or patterns?


so agree, comfortable and also warm in the winter

Do you wear the tights instead of jeans? Or under the jeans?

instead of!

That a girl!

way more comfy and easy to throw on when you are rushing to go somewhere