Bodywear Included

I can't believe I tried it, but I just had to. While they were on sale, I decided to try and feel what it feels whille wearing a pair of tights but with a body leotard. Since they were on sale, I bought a long sleeve, black leotard from capezio. I first put on one of my black tights and then slipped on the leotards to cover my upper body. Even though the sleeves were a touch short, the rest of it just made me feel a touch kinky. I went to my closet door mirror to see myself and for a moment my mind went blank. With that tantalizing feeling I got, I decided just to go to bed for the evening while wearing nothing else.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

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Enjoy....I'm sure that won't be your last'll want to have an array of ensembles I'm sure