Old Tights

I recently discovered that you can turn an old pair of tights
Into a top by cutting the crotch to go over your head .
Cut the toes off and use the legs as sleeves coloured or
Patterned ones are best ...knee highs can be turned into
Gloves or mittens..a little imagination and you could create
Some nice inexpensive stuff...
A pair of jeans can be turned into a skirt by cutting the legs off and opening up the crotch ...if you rub the scissor along the ends it will make the treads hang..if your daring you could put a nice lace hem on the skirt or cut the tops off stockings and use them for the hem
Happy stitching P.s old trousers also make skirts. Or baggy t shirts with a belt can make a dress with tights your dressed .....
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Jan 8, 2013