Humiliated Teen.

As a fourteen year old boy I knew everything or thought I did.i took pleasure out of annoying and bullying girls in my area including my sisters.
One day I was sent to the shop for messages my mum needed. She told my twelve year old sister to go with me to make sure I didn't get up to any mischief .when we got to the shop two of my sisters friends were there so of course I couldn't help my self.i straight away pulled one of their skirts up to display a beautiful ruffled pink lace panty.
Wow I was getting sister shouted at me to stop and behave,so alerting the lady who owned the shop.
I then of course was pulling the other girls skirt up to show her knickers to any one watching a lovely red frilly pair with black lace round the sister shouted again while slapping me across the face.
This brought Aoife the owner over to deal with me she had seen most of what happened and was furious
She took me by the ear and led me to the front of the shop
Where the counter was.her daughter Susan who helped her was there ,she said Susan get me my leather I'm going to teach this brat a lesson he won't forget in a hurry. At this .stage two other mum's came into the shop I was mortified at the realisation of what was about to happen.
I started pleading please.....please....I'm sorry. You sure will be Aoife said.
She told the other ladies she had to deal with me if they wanted to help or watch they could. Just then Susan arrived with the strap a fifteen inch long implement with three fingers cut in the end....please...please....I pleaded
Trousers and pants off she said and over the counter.
Take your shoes and socks off as well..Ah..please..not in front of them.i pleaded Over now Aoife commanded so over I went my bare bum on display to seven females my very erect member bobbing as I took up my position.
As the first landed I screamed it really stung.i begged and pleaded as Aoife proceeded to administer twelve stinging slaps with her leather.when she finished I thought its over
I was doing a dance around giving the girls a great display of my **** bouncing up and down Aoife then turned to the two wemon and asked them would they like to put me across their knees and reinforce what I just received...
Oh.God....please... No.....please Susan provided a chair without prompting (she must have done this before)and each lady took her turn to give me another twenty each with their palms on the back of my legs and thighs I was screaming and kicking at this stage they let me up and asked me had I learned my lesson...through sobs and sniffles I said yes...good Aoife said just in case you forget I am going to give something which will help you remember...Susan go get a skirt a short one.and panties.knee socks and heels for him......I was made dress as a girl in front of them the skirt was so short the yellow Lacey pants were on show even standing .when they were satisfied they told my sister to bring me home and bring me back on Saturday dressed like that for another spanking. In the mean time tell your Mother to keep him as a girl.when he has to dress like a girl himself he might learn to respect girls.we left the shop to the click of my heels .i was mortified but confidant I would not be lifting
Girls skirts again.When sat came I dreaded the spanking but I knew I would miss the lovely clothes I had been made wear all week a lot more........

Hope to do more of these hopefully improved....comments and suggestions please.......
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Jan 19, 2013