Why I Like To Wear Tights &Amp; Pantyhose

I don't like every single one of them that is available in this universe. For that reason, I have very few selective brand that I only like;

The one that reason why I feel that way is some brand, and manufactures produces either goofy looking one or their product is too comfort to wear as if it seems like I don't feel like Im wearing one.

In order to for me to go with certain tights or pantyhose, there are few preferences that I've been kept that come to Tights/Pantyhose must pass those aspects that listed down below:

1) Not too comfy and they give you slightly restrictive feelings around feet area and along with panty part.

2) Patterned product is not always cup of tea unless they do have subtle, barely noticeable design into it. As I'm a guy, Im more into solid color with no patterns, but when it comes down to think about my girl friend that she's going to wear, then this is the only time I allow them.

3) As far as pantyhose goes, it suppose not to have thick panty area that way i feel more good around my thingy when i rub against them and it is okay to have reinforced toe, the heel, however, is not acceptable. Whereas tights, I love them to have it there.

4) The most important thing is the size, even though if that tights or pantyhose passed all the aspects aforementioned it here, it wouldn't give me such high pleasure if i have gotten wrong size, I can get away with most tights with a size 9-11 that came from UK, but the problem is they are not consistent with its size, sometimes i got lucky enough to get one that fits my body perfectly, but the most cases wont. Although they offer a size 12-14, and i like its size, but they highly tend to come with huge sock which I don't like.

Those are the list I'm going through before i keep the tights and pantyhose i just bought. If not, i don't usually wear them again. If panty part has a slight pressure that my thingy feels something that I wear and love to have that comes with moderate thickness of the fabric, not too soft but rather acrylic, (which gives you a great stimulus when you pre *** on tights or pantyhose), and the part of socks gives you hot and toasty when you wiggle around your little piggies that trapped in those tights or pantyhose.

The color also gives me different feelings, mines are usually like, baby blue, light grey, black(not the pantyhose though), navy, mocha, chocolate, shady pink, not too bright one, brighter colors usually goes to my girl friend.

Pantyhose, however, i don't have much of choices, therefore, Im only aroused by tanned color I don't know why but when it covered by love juices while either i stimulating myself or doing with girl friend that adds more great feelings around them.

The main reason why I like to wear those is unclear, and all i know about this is not about the gay thing, because I love to fantasize with the girls who have same fetish like I do, and i don't wear and walk around the public because i know it is private thing. The textures, restrictive feelings, the way it hugs around my waist to toe that is the most exotic things I ever found.. What's even more good about it is there are some girls who appreciates those great things..

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Jan 26, 2013