No It'S Not Like That

On of those typical misconceptions about the pantyhose fetish is lots of people, who are not into those fetish, tend to think if for those people who enjoys wearing tights or pantyhose, who mustn't like girls,

but there are so many other types of fetish that we need to understand before we judge them, thereby we shouldn't hurry to jump onto the conclusion by thinking or labeling them are gay.

Indeed, not many people who enjoys pantyhose fetish, and it is also hard to tell with the limited given pieces of information whether they are interested opposite gender or not, I've seen for those people not only likes to wear pantyhose, but also like to wear other women's garment, who has shown they are still interested in opposite gender but not many of them like that, they most likely fell into the group that has guy to guy or girls to girls relationship.

But if I break it down to deeper level, then it fits in pretty accurate position that is if for those guys who just enjoys and wear pair of tights and pantyhose not followed by other girls garment they all likely to be a straight, but for those who aren't, it is safe to think they like guys.

Girls, who are saying "I found that wearing pantyhose makes yourself feeling good", usually keep their bodies and pantyhose clean all the time.

Not only that but also they have perfect body shape to wear tights or pantyhose without having any discomfort.

For those, who feels discomfort, usually have peculiar size of their hips and legs or cheap enough not to buy averagely priced pantyhose, and they end up having a pair that poorly manufactured,

Some girls also have pantyhose fetish, and they don't show it to the others, but I could see majority of them they stay off with leggings, and that's it and it doesn't mean like they have pantyhose fetish, if they do, who will enjoy the textures and restrictive feelings what sock part from the pantyhose gives you, plus, don't mind with sleeping in with them.

For those girls who like those pantyhose and tights, are not likely suffering from obesity, because if their body's little over than average size it will give them extreme discomfort, so its common to see most girls don't like them, when you see them like they most look like in great shape and pantyhose and tights don't squeeze them in, therefore they will enjoy wearing them.

I've known few of those girls who actually enjoy them as much I do and has shown same degrees of interest in pantyhose fetish. If you go to city area, you will have more chance to see those girls who enjoy them, but it is less likely if you're far away from city area.

Anyhow, for those girls out there, whose boy friends are into the pantyhose fetish, don't freak out, and at least not yet unless they are going out with all the other girls dresses on other then that they are fine, and they will really appreciate you if you trying to understand the pleasant feelings what the pantyhose offers, and go to the mall shop hosiery together.

The pantyhose fetish could fell down to two different ways and varies from under given circumstances, if the situation does not require sexual way in any was, which is just about the feelings what the pantyhose gives you, such as, little bit of restrictive feelings around toe, seams, textures and toasty feelings around the waist area, but also caresses your leg with strange feelings of its fabric,

the other cases that involves with something we do on the bed, which keeps same concepts from its first characteristics and combined with extra aspects that are: erotic feelings that could trigger from the way how it makes sound when both girl's pantyhose covered legs contacts her boy friend's leg, and when it gets moist that it starts making a sticky sound each time both body meets and love juices wetting both nylons, throughout the process both girl and her boy friend feets are on the fire that covered by pantyhose, your both will be eventually stunned by how great feeling that is, you will never know. Your toe's crawling up and down throughout the whole process, all I can say about this is, it will give you the feeling you never felt it before.

As girls side, if you never had pantyhose fetish, you will feel bit it is restrictive for the first time of trial, but I guarantee that you will like how those pantyhose texture will give you extra feelings on the multiple trial and you wouldn't want do it again without wearing them, besides it will help you to feel something more all over your body.

What's more exotic things to do is while you making out with them, both try to wear pantyhose and turns the light into the dimming light, it will make things more interesting and the guy will last than usual, they will go for more than once. If your body shape is good for those pantyhose, you wouldn't regret about wearing them because it will add extra hotness on the bed.

Well enjoy your life!

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