Leggings Or Pantyhose

I personally think leggings are ugly, and I know the fact that is the girls, don't have pantyhose fetish, who tend to rock wearing leggings a lot that the underlying reason directly relate to three things:

It doesn't has to be washed as much as pantyhose or tights does, so for those girls more like leggings than tights, who usually are lazy

Social peer pressure, not many girls like maintain their hosiery all the time, and for that reason, in the school, most girls are wearing leggings far more than tights, and if you wear them, you would feel awkward with under peer pressures.

Tights and pantyhose gives you restrictive feeling, whereas leggings doesn't give them discomfort, and wearable without a proper dress or skirt, only for those girls who have pantyhose fetish, will like wearing pantyhose, slight restrictive feelings good for those people who enjoys them, and that's what makes it toasty during the winter.

Pantyhose/tights are more fashionable and whole lot sexier than those leggings product, but it doesn't have that subtle erotic feelings that turns most guys on.
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Jan 28, 2013