Guy Who Like To Wear Running Tights

I'm a str8 married guy that loves to wear running tights and spandex shorts to workout in and wear when I'm out and about doing errands. I love the smooth feel of the fabric against my skin. I wear them to yoga, when I walk or go running and to the gym. I'm the only guy around that wears tights in public when I go to the park for long walks. Sometimes I wear my thong underneath for support when working out. but sometimes I wear a just a **** ring to show off my manhood when I out and about running errands. I really like to push the envelope of fashion. I know this alarms a lot of folks for a guy to enjoy this fetish
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I'm exactly the same lol I'm straight, have a hot athletic girlfriend who enjoys rocking UA compression gear with me to the gym or jogging on the bike trail :) or I'll take my dog for walks on the trail by myself so I can rock my **** ring under my under armour tights and hopefully get some smile. From the passing ladies! Some times I'll wear my full black spandex bodysuit with a hoodie or light jacket over, it's a dance unitard from Baltogs so has a little more shine then UA fabric so I love the looks from the milfs on the trail!!

Yes I have the same fetish too. I am also straight and wear running tights for athletic purposes. I also go for long walks and shop in spandex. Just last week I finished jogging and had to go into a store to find an item. I was wearing my UA running tights, and Cold Gear and I had my butt area fully exposed to all the females and male shoppers. I could hear the girls giggling in the background.

Well, here is a bit of an alternative perspective. Is what we have really a "fetish" or is it that we just enjoy wearing clothing that is comfortable, functional, and a bit revealing? Do the hot yoga babes who wear Lululemon tights in public have a yogawear "fetish?"