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Guy Who Like To Wear Running Tights

I'm a str8 married guy that loves to wear running tights and spandex shorts to workout in and wear when I'm out and about doing errands. I love the smooth feel of the fabric against my skin. I wear them to yoga, when I walk or go running and to the gym. I'm the only guy around that wears tights in public when I go to the park for long walks. Sometimes I wear my thong underneath for support when working out. but sometimes I wear a just a **** ring to show off my manhood when I out and about running errands. I really like to push the envelope of fashion. I know this alarms a lot of folks for a guy to enjoy this fetish
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I had done some running years ago but quit due to nagging knee and ankle pain. Now, looking to get back into it, I'm impressed at the technical gear on the market. From the shoes, socks, base-layers, and tights, all are designed to minimize injury and make for a more productive experience. The thought of running in tights, to me, is thrilling. I shopped online before going to the store, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. Trying some on at the store, I couldn't believe how well I looked in them, at least in my opinion. The salesman, a very fit young man whom I believed was gay, commented how well I looked, which I found a bit thrilling in itself. I modeled them at home at my wife's request, she wanted to see how much and what the tights would reveal. They really define my profile, but to her it was too much, and she want's me to wear a pair of shorts over them. That, I must say, is not happening. Reading some reviews and blogs on this subject, most say the look is "daft", and that guys who do this have no clue as to how ridiculous they look. The discussion of shorts is moot. I look forward to running, not just for the excercise, but for the thrill of what eyes will be bouncing off of my body. I guess, I should say that this is some type of fetish, very similar to wearing speedos on the beach, which I like doing as well. There's a feeling, somewhat of a feminine nature, what I would compare with the few times I've secretly tried on panty hose. They fit so snug and feel so sexy. I can imagine wearing a cockring to further enhance my profile, but I'm not sure yet of the comfort when running.

Yes I have the same fetish too. I am also straight and wear running tights for athletic purposes. I also go for long walks and shop in spandex. Just last week I finished jogging and had to go into a store to find an item. I was wearing my UA running tights, and Cold Gear and I had my butt area fully exposed to all the females and male shoppers. I could hear the girls giggling in the background.

Well, here is a bit of an alternative perspective. Is what we have really a "fetish" or is it that we just enjoy wearing clothing that is comfortable, functional, and a bit revealing? Do the hot yoga babes who wear Lululemon tights in public have a yogawear "fetish?"

Well said. I wear running tights for functionality and the feel. Not for any sort of exhibitionist motive. To me it's less of a fetish and more of a standard requirement for what I do.

Well, we could just wear running shorts. I mean for many of us, that is all that there was until the last decade . Sounding like the old-timer that I am (well, from a running perspective) I remember going out for 2-2.5 hours in a pair of North Star Runners, a cotton t-shirt, and K-Mart shorts. Didn't think much about it other than thighs chafing, nipples chaffing, and getting thirsty. Much easier going long nowadays with better shoes, clothing, and water belts.

It's about time men were able to benefit from the latest technological advancements in materials such as lycra and spandex blends in running attire. Why should the women just get it alone and men suffer with the raw chaffing and general discomfort while working out? I say, let men wear similar designed attire made for men without prejudice and stereotypical bigotry.

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