I Like Wearing Tights

I love tights and love wearing them.For me all women should wear tights as they define femininity.I wear tights everyday of the week,sometimes wearing up to 4 different pairs during one day depending on what I am doing.My favourite tights are the black opaques I wear to work and the white ballet tights I wear to ballet class and when doing yoga and pilates.

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Does tight fitting clothes also mean that you wear a girdle?

Theirs a tights group on facebook if you want to join it here's the link http://www.facebook.com/groups/tightsconvention/
Also I have a leotard group on facebook here's the link I would love to have more members http://www.facebook.com/groups/Leotard.Lovers/

Thanks for the link - I've joined. Regards.

Hi balletgirl! I love wearing tights out and about (see my pics!) I still find it awkward wearing skirts (18") but mid-thigh shorts seem to pass well with my boots. Its still quite a thrill for me after so long hiding them under trousers. Tell me what you think! Regards. James.

What can I do to encourage you to wear them more often and more proudly. You're really a balletgirl. I'd love to show you how wonderful it would be to openly admit it! Love Noelle

Yes, how can a garment be so modest and demure, and yet so sexy, feminine and revealing of countour? Amazing. And, your story was well told! Thanks for sharing it.

i wish i could meet a lady like who loves tights like u x. kep it going sexy tights

Good to know!<br />
Tights have always been one of my personal favorites ^^

mine too

Hosiery, tights, pantyhose are like make up on a woman's legs. They compact and enhance the contours of her lower extremities. They come in a variety of textures and colors and sometimes in the right light her legs are an enchanting slick glossiness. I remember our school uniforms and the girls in their black tights. Those days are innocent memories but its where my fetish began and so I think about how and why I'm into hose. Its really cool to hear any female say she wears hosiery. So i totally appreciate your words. :) <br />
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- dvhour<br />
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Hi, would you consider selling some of your tights that you have worn for yoga and pilates. I would be very interested. x

i am a 27 year old man, and i too love wearing tights. glad ur open ballet girl.

I just want to say how nice it is to read your thoughts on how a woman should dress and I adore the fact that as a woman, you love to wear tights and are very open about your preferences. To me a woman who is wearing tights as part of her outfit is always enhances how feminine they can be. My favorite tights on a woman are ones that have a slight sheen with a high lycra content.