I Can So Be One Happy Girl In Tights!

i love tights! They're really warm and comfortable and look smashing with skirts. They are less likely to run than regular hose.

Plus there's textured, printed, opaque, sheer, fishnet and footless tights ... which you can mix and match. Plus there is just umpteen colors.

They can make winter bearable!



The effect can be dramatic!   


i can even black shoes but no socks and underneath my pants have on a pair of near-black sheer tights.

Oh my yes, i like tights.

Josie06 Josie06
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9 Responses Feb 26, 2009

you look great tooo!

Love the feel, the look, and oh, the colors and designs!

First, yeah, topmost thought, I recently realized tights are actually the most numerous part of my wardrobe. Honestly? Yeah, if one is in a skirt, dress, or jumper, it's so cold without tights from late fall to early spring. That does help; especially helps a lot with the higher denier counts.

wow...I'm blown away...I love the way opaque tights look..any of you looking for a partner? Just kidding of course...unless you really are...

Gotta love 'em. Wonderful article and pictorial. Thank you for sharing.

I just love pretty tights and a flirty skirt: on a woman, or on me. Makes us all feel good! Or opaque tights and a really neat skirt - just looks so "together" ...

I love all kinds of tights and pantyhose also josie.<br />
just the other day i wore a pair of ten denier sheers in black with a pair of lace tights on top in purple under shorts. i had three ladies that day ask me where they could get them from and that they also made my legs look very sexy.

MIH ... wonderful way to wear top them off. i'll remember that.<br />
<br />
WM ... mini-skirts would be great. When i get up enough courage.

Oooh or with a mini-skirt! SEXY!!