Tights With My Friend

i love to wear tights, especially here in the UK where its kinda cold and rainy basically all year round. ive always had a thing for thick black opaque tights and didnt know whether to tell one of my close girl friends. eventually i did and she seemed pretty fine about it. she liked them aswell but not in a fetish way (i dont think). she gave some of her tights to me and occassionally let me touch her legs if we were ever sitting on the couch together etc. however i was desperate to see if she would take it a bit further. Fortunatley, she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was looking for some 'relief' shall we say. she called me up one day and asked if i wanted to come round and do some revision for our exams, so i went. she came to the door in two pairs of black opaque tights- my favourite! i went in and we sat on her bed with our books etc when she said " do u like my new tights? have a feel, they're really silky" so i began to rub my hand up and down her legs, she seemed to be enjoying it so i pushed my luck and went a bit higher. she let out a soft sigh. i dont know what came over me as suddenly i began rubbing her ***** through her tights. i kicked the books of the bed and she wrapped her legs around my waist moaning as a rubbed her. "stop" she said "lets get you into a pair of these" she went over to the drawer and pulled out another pair of black tights, which i quickly put on. "now where were we?" she said. we climbed back on the bed and began rubbing oursleves up and down, the sound of the tights swishing back and forward. "i want u in me" she cried, so i ripped a whole in her tights and in mine and slipped myself in her moist *****. the feel of the tights against my **** was such a turn on, and she had her legs wrapped around me, her hands gripped my nylon covered legs. i couldnt take it any longer and ****** in her. i stayed in for a while, massaging her and then came out. we lay there rubbing ourselves over with our hands and legs, until i became hard and we did it again, this time she gave me a pair of grey tights to wear.

she is still a close friend and we still meet on occassions for some tights fun.

tightshose tightshose
4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

UK , land of tights encased women. Time to call my migration agent....

Hot story, panties are real tight right now!

Awesome dude tights fun is the best :D

Oh wow! Need some relief of own now,fanx!!!! :-D