My First Toe Socks

When I went to college, I received a small amount of money. With this new found freedom I went in search of things that I had wanted that would have been embarrassing for my mom to buy me. I always had a need for fuzzy socks and I would wear womens fuzzy anckle socks to school. I could never find them for guys but loved the comfort. I built up the courage my senior year to wear fuzzy to even furry socks with my flip flops so people could see. Well my senior year I came across fuzzy TOE socks and needed a pair. I bought a black pair and loved to wear them but had to hide it so my roomate in my dorm wouldnt make fun of me. I shared my love of toe socks with my 16 year old friend (guy) and he wants to wear them too. I just bought 6 more pairs of fuzzy socks (black, white, pink, hot pink (thought it was red), blue, and purple) and am currently wearing the blue ones. I wrote all of this to let guys know that if you like fuzzy socks, toe socks, or any socks that aren't normally meant to be worn by the male gender, don't care what others think, wear 'em proud.
DallasXIII DallasXIII
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1 Response Jun 15, 2011

What're 'fuzzy toe socks'?

They are fuzzy socks that have slots at the end for each individual toe.

Like this

Oh, well I think I'll just stick with regular Hanes. Lol.