Wader Women

it all started when i was about 14 we grew up in a poor small town in me.we only had running water in the summer months ;so in the winter we all had chamber pots which had to be dumped every day so my best friends mom always did this every morning in aswamp behind our houses and she always wore a pair of green hip boots at puberty stage i started to notice that this really excited me the next time i thought aboutthis was one nite when my friend and i wer tenting in his back yard and i saw his moms boots hanging in the tool shed next to our camp site we were also having some beer we stole from his dad so after a few of those i decidedto sak him if i could wear his moms boots for a while he said it would be ok but he had another pair so we could both wear them after we put our boots on and drank more beer we started confessing how much we both liked the hip boots and how much it turned us on as time passed by we got pretty drunk and ended up outside to pee it was then irealized we both had throbbing hard ons and he suggested we face each other and jerk off and *** oneach others boots it took about 10 seconds and we shot hot loads on each others waders

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Sounds like a fun evening out.