Dressing Up Again For The First Time....

Growing up I would take out the trash as part of my daily chores.  When it came to my parents trash I would take my mom's discarded panty hose and stash them away for a late nite dress up.  I would venture into my parents room and "borrow" things from my moms collection--panties, shoes and a dress that she had not worn is a long time (yes I sort of kept track)

While home alone I was able to dress up and pretend to me my alter ego untill my sister suddenly came home.....I quickly ran to my room and had to undress quickly, my heart raced as I had to think quickly.

Another time my parents were out for the evening I snuck into my parents room and started to gather my ensemble....if my parents came home 5 min later they would have seen me all dressed up....

A year ago I was sort of involved with a woman who accepted me and what I liked to do.  I did venture out of my element and buy some panties, a gown, heels and hose and although she liked it we never did hit it off.

Now that I am dating a wonderful and accepting lady.  I revealed I I like womens clothing.  She was excited and encouaged me to be me.

Yesterday I bought some heels, hose, panties and a nightgown and I dress up and practice walking. I told my girlfirend what I did and she was so happy and wants to dress me up so we can have unbridled sex.

Now I want to raid her closet and panty drawer and pick out things for me to wear
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Jul 26, 2010