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I started wearing moms underwear at 10   i feel transformed  and pretty when i wear lingerie  i  loved to to be touch softly by men while dressed its hard to explain how beautiful it makes me feel  and  sad that i am not actually a woman
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

My natural clothing and yes I like it.

When i am with a woman i want to be a man and as i am a flexible creature i can do this...only recently has the idea of being with another shemale in a sexual kind of way begun to intrigue me. But i must admit i like to be dominated by men sexually. With another sissy i think it might be more loving(?) sweet perhaps it may be the most realistic and emotionally safe option to be sure

I totally agree and feel the same way. Someday maybe Jessica can be released fully into the world. Not so much interested in men, but would love being with a shemale!