Little Ventures

I've been dressing at home in our apartment off and on for very brief moments for the last couple of years.
My wife tried passing it off as a phase.
She says she doesn't mind, so long as I keep it inside our home.
My wardrobe has only expanded slightly.
I started out with lingerie. I added a couple of cheap dresses and a cheap wig. More recently skirts and a couple of different blouses. In all, it's still pretty meager. I haven't got into makeup beyond painting my toe nails.
A couple of months ago, I have brought myself to venture down the apartment hallway to the garbage chute on our floor. I usually do this late at night when no one is likely out and about. I have done this at least twice in the day time. I still haven't come across anyone on these little ventures.
Tonight, I ventured further. I walked a few feet further to the apartment building's lobby where the mail boxes are to check for mail. No one was near. There was a car outside with its lights on. Anyone in the car could have probably saw me. I'm sure I was far enough away to be recognized by anyone who doesn't know me. After I got back to my apartment, I grabbed the dog's leash and walked her out the patio door. We walked across the lawn and a parking lot then down a dimly lit sidewalk. I walked about 200 yards across the complex. One car saw me. I turned my back to it until it passed. I didn't see anyone else.

I wore a pair of Mary Janes, opaque tights, a body shaper, bra, skirt, blouse, and my wig.

When I got back inside my apartment, I was met with my wife who is not happy with me now. She doesn't want me going out en femme. It was very exciting.
JosetteLaRoc JosetteLaRoc
1 Response May 13, 2012

I can sense the excitement in your words and know the feeling all too well myself. I hope you wife expands the rules to let you got outside!